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0x800a139e – Syntax error, unrecognized expression (FIX)

by Yugolancer

Posted on August 13, 2016

Usually you get this error when you run an ASP.NET (Visual Studio 2kxx) Project having focus on a file that cannot be ran.

For instance if you edit your web.config and then just hit F5 key. JQuery will try to parse the url and as you guess it’s going to thrown an exception:

// e.g. 

Fix: just open another file (view or page in design or code view) and re-run the project. Voila!

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jQuery - Javascript Show and Hide Bootstrap Modal


Posted on November 29, 2017


// show

// hide


// show
var modal = document.getElementById("MyModal");
modal.classList.add("in"); = "block";

// hide
var modal = document.getElementById("MyModal");
 modal.classList.remove("in"); = "none";

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